David Earl Johnson, LICSW

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Have you talked to your child about drugs and alcohol? How about tobacco? How about inhalants? More and more parents are talking to their children about drugs and alcohol, but unfortunately, inhalants have not made the hit list. Sadly, they are making a come back in abuse patterns of the young. The better informed you are about drugs, the more your children will listen. DrugFree.org

  • One in five teenagers (20 percent), or 4.7 million teenagers nationally, report abusing inhalants in their lifetime.
  • 64 percent of teenagers in 2005 agree strongly that inhalants can kill you, down 19 percent from 2001.
  • 77 percent of teenagers in 2005 agree strongly that inhalants can cause brain damage, down nine percent from 2001. MORE

[…]Research shows an alarming number of teenagers are intentionally abusing a variety of Rx and OTC medications to get high. Approximately one in five teenagers has already abused a prescription painkiller to get high, and one in 11 has abused OTC products, like cough medicine. These medications have become increasingly more accessible to teens, in some cases directly via the internet, and generally are more prevalent in their teen’s lives than parents realize. Hat tip to Anxiety, Addiction and Depression Treatments.

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